Saturday, June 20, 2015


There is a girl
She used to cut
After that one particular day
When he broke her heart.

The girl's mum saw the scar
The look that she put on her face
Showed so many emotions
The girl regretted on what she did

She hated the boy
She hated herself
She hated the scar
Which remained on her wrist

Her hatred remains 
As long as the scar is there

She looked at her arm
She realized that the scar is gone.

She realized, too,
That her hatred is gone as well
To the boy who broke her heart
She has forgiven you.

Please, if you are doing the self harm, please stop. I know it is hard to stop once you start and I know how it felt when you cut because I used to, once.

Please realize that you are precious. Do know that I love you. Do know that there are people out there who cares for you. Love yourself. Because you deserve better.

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