Saturday, June 20, 2015


There is a girl
She used to cut
After that one particular day
When he broke her heart.

The girl's mum saw the scar
The look that she put on her face
Showed so many emotions
The girl regretted on what she did

She hated the boy
She hated herself
She hated the scar
Which remained on her wrist

Her hatred remains 
As long as the scar is there

She looked at her arm
She realized that the scar is gone.

She realized, too,
That her hatred is gone as well
To the boy who broke her heart
She has forgiven you.

Please, if you are doing the self harm, please stop. I know it is hard to stop once you start and I know how it felt when you cut because I used to, once.

Please realize that you are precious. Do know that I love you. Do know that there are people out there who cares for you. Love yourself. Because you deserve better.


I have to admit, I love travelling. And lucky me, I have 3 friends share the same interest as me. We even called ourselves the "BAGPACK BUDDIES".  Usually, what we did was, one of my friend, J will actively searched for any plane tickets that are on sale during the weekend. And BAM!! She found it. So we are heading towards LANGKAWI ISLAND! (ps: I went there twice)

But. We faced one big problem on that exact date. The three of us (exclude one of my friend who I called hyung) had to attend lab session. Of all day, why it happened to be that day?? We were on fire during that time. But after discussion with the person in charge, we managed to change the lab date. Phew!

Long story short, the four of us went to LANGKAWI right before the final exam (22nd to 25th of MAY 2015)  =)


SO, we had fun during our stay in Langkawi Island despite of having to face few problems.



Greetings everyone! I am sitting right in front of the mirror trying to describe myself while looking at ME! My my, look at that girl.

I am not going to tell you my real name but you can just or know me as av. Not Aff, but eh-vee. I think that is the right way to pronounce my "name". I am 22 years old this year. Well not yet, but soon enough. A degree student who fell undeniably in love with travelling, photography and music. I am not good at expressing or worst writing. With this blog, I hope will at least help me to improve myself.

I am Asian, with average height 5'2 or less. hmmph. Not that short though. It's an ideal cute height for someone like me. =P I have shoulder length hair. Used to keep it long but it is like tradition for me because I tend to keep it long and sooner or later, I have this weird urge to cut my hair, SHORT. And few days later, regretting it. 

I am a very very very shy and awkward person, that is with someone who doesn't know me. I tend to do the most stupid things and ugly stuffs that could bring nightmares when you get to know me. But trust me, I am a very very talkative person when you get to know me. I care for the people I love. And I am quite sensitive but trying to avoid having those sensitive feelings.

I love to travel despite of being a student, having no income, it does not stop me from travelling with my best buddies. Well, we have been to two places and mostly are the island. Nature lovers. And the two places are within the country. Planning to travel overseas (where can I see Kangaroo and Koala bear?) soon! x

Music? That my friend, I believe that I can't stay still without listening to my favourite song. Most of the songs in my Ipod are from 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Westlife, State Champs and KPOP songs. 

What else? Relationship? Well, for the time being, I am single as single as possible. Being a fan girl makes it hard for me to be in a relationship. It's not because I was head over heels for one of the band member *cough* or maybe I do *coughs*. The thing is, I used to be in a relationship. And the guy I dated actually insult my favourite band. I was like "no one. no one can insult my favourite band! They came before you, you arsehole!". Okay, I didn't actually curse him though. I just loose interest in him when he insult my favourite thing in the world. So in the end, I could not stand him, we broke up. 




Hey there everyone! I am back after *counting fingers* 5 years!! Exactly 5 years!!

Tbh, I have already forgotten that I owned this blog. And with intention to make a blog, I was

directed to my old blog. Reading all those posts when I was about 17 to 18 years old make me


I was like "is that really written by me?" Geez, I tried not to vomit reading the old posts, full of

romance and so immature words from it. From high school, love stories to where I went to college. Reflect! Reflect!! Excuse me and forgive me because I have already deleted all of my immature posts and start a new one instead.

Oh well, 22 years old me is not that mature but at least better than the previous one since it was you know, transformation of me being a teenager and someone who is being given lots more responsibilities.

To be honest, I grew up so much within those years being hiatus. Loser, eoteoliiSorry, was listening to Big Bang's Loser. Stop with the nonsense and I guess I should start bloging!!! Are you with me? I am excited as hell. It's like starting a new life of mine.